Your website looks great. . . trendy styles, engaging pictures, a creative headline. Everything seems great, but you’re still not seeing the desired results!

Your conversion rates are too low. A conversion rate is not simply defined by a sale, it is when a customer completes a desired goal (such as a phone call or lead form completion) that ultimately leads to a purchase!

Here are five marketing strategies sure to increase your conversion rates:


1. Complete a Competitive Analysis

How can a competitive analysis affect your website and your conversion rates? Research! Properly researching your competitors. . . . observing how they are performing, how they are captivating their audience’s attention, and what they could be doing better is critical in understanding what you should or could be doing.

Understanding your competitors’ weaknesses and opportunities provides insight for your own attempt at bettering your website and overall market capture strategy. This information lets you easily highlight your strengths over your competitors’ weaknesses. Completing a competitive analysis leaves room for creative marketing with the goal of standing out among your competitors in mind. Let’s stand out in the crowd!


2. Build Trust With Your Consumer

89% of consumers view online reviews before making a purchase. You’re a consumer too! You most likely wouldn’t buy a product or service if your peers greatly advised against it. Providing your website with reviews and testimonials easily accessible to the viewer builds that trust between the company and the consumer needed before a purchase decision is made.

A common mistake is sharing the testimonials on a difficult-to-find page on the website. It is no secret that consumers’ attention span has continuously decreased over the past few years. This continuous loss of attention span leads to the challenge among businesses of how to captivate their audience and how to keep them intrigued long enough to become informed about the product or service. Placing the testimonials on an easily accessible page, rather than clicking through several links to arrive at the testimonials, quickly gains their trust. That trust builds the leads you seek, ultimately inspiring action and increasing your conversion rate.


3. Inspire Action With Compelling CTAs

A CTA (call to action) is what leads your audience to the path toward a lead submission, content research, or – yes – even a purchase decision. Without a compelling CTA, you lose your audience! You may have acquired their attention, but a CTA prompts them toward your desired goal.

Simple ways to create a strong CTA:

  • Use verbs with action
  • Motivate your audience
  • Persuade with powerful messaging 
  • Be simple and direct


4. Invest In the Creative

A fail-safe way to captivate your audience and keep them engaged on your website long enough for conversion is to invest in a unique website with brand personality! A brand with personality and is the driving force behind lead conversions. Immersive content within your website, strong branding, and a fast-loading web page are all tactics that increase the chances that your consumer will engage with your content and convert.


5. Perform A/B Testing

Analytics. Stats. Tests. These seemingly overwhelming strategies are the key to assuring your success. This is the core piece in defining what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to be done differently. A/B Testing (also known as Split Testing) is, just as the name suggests, a marketing experiment where you split your audience to test various versions of your campaign, ultimately configuring which performs best. When you track your interactions within your site, you’re more capable of providing strategies that work best for your buyer persona– ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Whether you desire to increase lead generation, sales or content research, your conversion strategy may need some fine-tuning. Completing a competitive analysis, building trust with your customer, acquiring a compelling CTA, investing in creativity, and performing A/B testing will drive more traffic! With these five essential tips, you can boost your conversion rates and acquire the leads you seek!

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