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Understanding the B2B <span>Ideal Customer Profile</span>

Understanding the B2B Ideal Customer Profile

How Customer Insights Affect Marketing Success

We all know customer needs change frequently. Winners of the long game understand keeping up with deep customer insights is the foundation for marketing strategies and continued success.

But, who’s responsible? Is this a marketing, IT or analytics problem? Yes, yes and yes. In order to disclose opportunities for better customer experiences, siloed teams must collaborate to find the answers.

When teams collaborate using the same customer data, it means better planning, streamlined efforts and stronger results.

B2B market research may be more complex than B2C, but it’s vital for strategy. Here’s why:

  • Gives you a deep insight into your ICPs.
    Stay abreast of your ideal customers’ needs and desires. B2B market research helps you stay on top of new developments and keep ahead of the game.
  • Answers why customers want your product.
    Use research to understand how your brand is positioned, determine if internal and external perceptions match and why your brand is chosen over a competitor.
  • Identifies blockers and motivations.
    Rather than guessing, market research helps you discover who you compete against in the marketplace, identifies differentiators and finds your brand’s competitive advantages.
  • Uncovers where customers go to research and buy.
    Use research to learn how your customers find you and what content you should be engaging your audience with to build visibility.
  • Guides the sales process for exceptional CX.
    Research helps you know what’s most important to potential customers to adjust messages to reflect what they really want to hear.

There is a strong correlation between research and growth. Knowing what your target audience is looking for, where they are looking for it and how they will act can be the big difference between business failure and profitability. Reach out today and speak to a strategist about how Maxamy can help.